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Architectural Installations

Duncan Ceramics, Fresno CA 

1974 - 1975 - 1976
Working on book "Environmental Ceramics" and making all the murals, sculpture, and pots etc. for inclusion in book.
Sheraton Hotel - Newport Beach, CA (4 storey gold chain sculpture)
Stanislaus County Administrative Building, Modesto, CA. (22" tall indoor ceramic fountain environment).
Prather Shopping Center - (Design of building and land layout).


Bob Duncan Residence - Fresno, CA. (Ceramic mural).
Fresno Zoo (Design elephant environment).
Jebian Residence - Fresno, CA. (Ceramic relief fireplace).
Sunshine School - Fresno, CA. (Ceramic mural entrance 20' x 20').
Ohio Savings & Loan - Cleveland, OH. (Interior mural 30').
Ed Darden Jr. Residence - Fresno, CA. (Fountain).
Dick Duncan Residence - Fresno, CA. (20' ceramic waterfall and pool coping).

Shopping Center - Solano Mall, Fairfield, CA. (4ea 20' x 0' stretched fabric and airplane forms).
Ken Lust Residence - Shaver Lake, CA. (Fireplace front).
Gerald Myers - Fresno, CA. (Fireplace wall).
U.S. Credit Union - Fresno, CA. (Sculptures 4-5-6 and 14' tall/wall murals).

1983 - 1984
Hilton Hotel - Anaheim, CA. (Over 100 large planters for the public space).

Nazarian Residence - Beverly Hills, CA. (Fountain and floor tile).
Tahoe Seasons Resort - Heavenly Valley, CA. (Indoor and exterior wall murals and all hotel signage).
Trumps Hotel & Casino - Atlantic City, NJ. (Planters for public space).

Tropical Rain Forest - Fresno Zoo (Floor tile logo each entrance/donor tile).
Atrium Office Building - Fresno, CA.
Las Vegas Hilton - NV. (Planters in public space).
Sheraton El Conquistador - Tucson, AZ. (Large planters in public space).
Hilton Inn - Grand Rapids, MI (Planters).
Hilton Hotel - San Francisco, CA. (Planters).


Mary's Vineyard Shopping Center - Visalia, CA (Ceramic murals/tile).
Hilton - Las Vegas, NV. (Planters).
Hilton - Anaheim, CA. (Planters for restaurant)

Safari Park Hotel - Kenya, Africa (Planters).
Hilton - San Francisco, CA. (Planters).
Plant Design - Albuquerque, NM. (Planters).
Hilton - Las Vegas, NV. (Planters).
Administration Building _ Bakersfield, CA. (8' x 12' ceramic mural).
Lakeside Country Club - Toluca Lake, CA.
Outrigger Hotel Prince Kuhio - Honolulu, HI. (Planters).
Beverly Hilton Hotel - Beverly Hills, CA. (Public space planters).
Westin Mission Hills Country Club - Ranch Mirage, CA. (Public space planters).

Mel Gibson's office - Los Angeles, CA. (Planters)
Exotica - Laguna Beach, CA. (Planters).
Hilton - Las Vegas, NV. (Planters).
Sheraton - Burlingame, CA. (Planters).
romenade West Condominiums, Los Angeles, CA - exterior entrance large scale fountain, concrete and glass
AXE Restaurant, Venice, CA - wind chime screen (1) AXE Restaurant, Venice, CA - ceramic medallion Giaimo Residence, Silver Lake, CA - stacking block ceramic fountain
Konani Residence, Alberta, Canada - stacking block ceramic fountain
Sadofsky Residence, Silver Lake, CA - exterior mural ACE Hotel, Palm Springs, CA - 7 exterior murals
ACE Hotel, Palm Springs, CA - 29 cast fireplace enclosures
Hillstone Restaurant Group, Beverly Hills, CA - ceramic book shelf dividers
Hillstone Restaurant Group, Beverly Hills, CA - planters Mo's Restaurant, Toluca Lake, CA - free standing stacking fountain
Mattison Residence (Buff & Hensman architects), Los Angeles, CA - ceramic water wall, 6' x 21'
Mattison Residence (Buff & Hensman architects), Los Angeles, CA - ceramic water wall, 17' x 20'
Melfi Residence, Venice, CA - free-standing ceramic fountain
R. Shamshiri Residence, Los Feliz, CA - ceramic wind chime screen